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Is your house cluttered? Are you ready to hand off a difficult cleaning job to the experts? Contact V&J Junk Removal at 909-541-3908 for stress-free clean out services today.

Getting rid of junk is an arduous process. Between heavy lifting and renting a dumpster, a DIY junk removal job will waste your time and energy. V&J Junk Removal can help.

At V&J Junk Removal, we commit to providing our clients with high-quality and efficient cleanout services. We clean out both residential and commercial properties, meaning no job is too big for us. Keep reading to learn more about our Aurora house cleanout service in Colorado.

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What Does an Aurora House Cleanout Service Include?

After you call the V&J Junk Removal cleanout service in Aurora, we will clear out your entire space. We remove appliances, construction debris, furniture, and other non-hazardous items.

Our cleanout company works to dispose of these items in an eco-friendly manner. We do our best to minimize our impact on the environment by recycling, repurposing, or donating items that we can salvage during our services.

After you call for V&J’s home cleanout services, you won’t have to lift a finger for the duration of our job. We also take care of all hauling and disposal services, no matter how long it takes.

Finally, we also perform small demolition jobs. For example, if you need us to remove a deck or fence from your Aurora house, we will demolish it and take all of the evidence with us!

Types of Cleanouts We Perform

Although one of the most popular jobs that we provide is our Aurora house cleanout service, we can also clear out:

Commercial Spaces

We can clean offices, warehouses, and other commercial properties quickly and efficiently. No space is too big for our team!

Residential properties

Certain parts of homes can become highly cluttered because we use them for storage. Specifically, basements and garages become dumping grounds for junk you never use, and we help clean these spaces so you can reclaim them.

Storage units

Like basements and garages, storage units become easily cluttered because people use them to store random items. We can help you clear out a storage unit to give back to the owners or open up space inside for new items.

Hoarder situations

We understand that going through items that pile up in a hoarding situation is overwhelming. We can assist with clean-up to help you start a new life in your recently cleaned house.


The process of losing a loved one is difficult. Let us alleviate some of your stress by cleaning up their house so you can focus on more important things.

We cater to various commercial and home cleaning services to help relieve some of the pressure that our customers feel. Whether you have an upcoming deadline to meet or a loved one’s belongings to sort through, we can help.

Why Choose Us for Your Aurora, CO Cleaning Services?

V&J Junk Removal is a locally owned and operated business. Thus, we do not trick our customers into paying hidden fees during a cleaning job. We provide all customers with an honest and guaranteed quote during our initial conversation.

The cleanout experts at V&J Junk Removal are also licensed and certified to perform their work. They go through an extensive background check and interview process to ensure that they are trustworthy enough to enter your home or business.

V&J Junk Removal can also help you save both time and money. We can efficiently take care of your cleanout with multiple workers and easy disposal services. We also help eliminate risks associated with heavy lifting, such as falling or breaking a bone.

Finally, we provide 24/7 services in case of an emergency. We understand that sometimes you need debris removed from your Aurora house immediately, but we can dispatch cleaners whenever you need them.

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If you need an Aurora house cleanout service or commercial clutter elimination, contact V&J Junk Removal. Call us at 909-541-3908 or book online for our convenient 24/7 service today.

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